Fantastic Event Bar Hire

Inject some elegance into your party with our event bar hire. With flexible options to suit each event, our party bar hire is great for venues where it is difficult to provide suitable refreshments. No matter what you need, Wine Wagon is here to help in whatever way we’re able to.

Our Options

There are two main options when it comes to choosing our services – dry hire or fully stocked.

Dry Hire

Our dry hire option means that we simply provide the bar, and then you would stock and work the bar on your own. The advantage of this is that you’re able to select everything that you’d like to drink, and then present in an elegant way.

Fully Stocked

For the fully stocked service, we take care of everything. We stock the bar to your specifications, work the bar, and provide menus that are available at the event. This ensures that everyone knows what is stocked, thus avoiding confusion and speeding up queuing time. The menus that we provide include:

  • Beer Menus

  • Spirit Menus

  • Wine Menus

Specialist Options

As well as bar hire, we’re able to offer more specialist options. Wine tasting and cocktail classes are available, and these are great for a range of events. From weddings to corporate events, these are classy options to improve any party.

To find out more about our party and event bar hire, call us today.